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Ade Malsasa Akbar


I myself love the 1st option "writing 500 chars". It allows me to write more enough to share my UbuntuBuzz articles. You can share your opinions here too, please. Thanks!

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#Introductions #newusersGood morning everyone, thank you for accepting my join application to this instance.I am an active user of the #Fediverse facilities, a Staff member and vocal poster at Qoto.org, and now exploring yet another new place.Joined here to be closer to the source of my favourite, awesome Write.Freely platform. Thank you @matt for it and the Forums, and now the instance I join.1 / 2 [... argh 500 chars sucks..]

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💙Charles ☭ Hutchins❤


And, indeed, any acronym runs the risk of mashing extremely different groups into some sort of mass of otherness.We've all got at least 500 chars here and just say what we mean instead of relying on acronyms that gloss over the differences between struggles and imply a homogeneity that does not exist.

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Let's experiment with this 500 chars limit by explaining rollback netcode in one toot #gamedev #nesdevWhen you press a button, a notice is sent to your peer. This message can take time to arrive, so it is sent with the timestamp of the action.Your opponent continues to display frames, as if you did nothing. When a message arrives, eroneous frames are replayed offscreen to fix the game's state, this is the rollback.Popular in versus games, it avoids to freeze while waiting for inputs.

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*banned 4 MarkDown love* Rob G


And I found a really clear reference for any system admin sympathetic enough to their Users and budding Writers plea for MORE space than the freeking 500 chars hardcoded into Mastodon source.(** at Gargron's insistence, and not in a config file as I would think it should be; would make the changes MUCH easier.)https://wiki.nixnet.xyz/books/masto-tweaks/page/character-count

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@snder hmmm for some reason i can't post toots that have more than 500 chars although the char limit is in 5000...

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raining_night(RN) :garfield:


@freemo @design_RG how are you guys able to post "more than 500 chars" toots? Are you guys on pleroma?

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⚪ the lynne creacher


hmm i am following too many people on this account, a lot of whom i don't really know very wellbut i refuse to give into the memes and let my snouts alt become my main, especially since they only have 500 chars and no :bune_patting:​ emojis and its really slow compared to my instance

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