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Muensterland.social - Our new Mastodon instance It's been quite a while since we've taken online the last public service for everyone. Working on open source software is important for the whole community and it needs much time and resources but our server was quite bored all the time. So additionally to the open source development stuff which will of course continue,we do now host a regional #Mastodon instance for public registration. The #Fediverse is a great network with many nice people and it's built completely with open source software. It's important for us to support a network of this sort and that was the right time to give something back to the network. We had planned putting online a new Mastodon instance for a long time but then we saw that a small German instance would go offline soon and decided to take it over. Continuing an existing service and making sure that all existing users don't lose their digital home is much better than creating a completely new service out of the nothing. You can find the instance at Muensterland.social but it's mainly meant for people near Muenster and most posts are in German. The instance runs with the #GlitchSoc software (Git repo) which is a fork of Mastodon which allows more settings for users as well as server admin. For example GlitchSoc makes the 5000 chars limit instead of 500 chars possible and that's important for heaving real conversations and not just a short message. Additionally we do now have a #Halcyon instance at web.Muensterland.social so you can use it with the easy and beautiful design of Twitter. Muensterland.social runs on a HP ProLiant DL380 G6 server with two Intel Xeon Quad Core CPUs,32GB memory and 4x72GB RAID5 HDDs so there is still much space for new users. Feel free to check it out and give comments how you like it. For the next few weeks or months,there are even more free public services planned but you have to wait for the details until it comes online.

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Jookia (Season 3 Episode 1)


i dug through pixelfed's code and found that it uses 3 different tools to handle password hashing:1. bcrypt when changing your password2. bcrypt or argon (default bcrypt) when making your account3. php's password_verify for checking the hashes when changing or confirming your passsword4. something else when logging in? it's unclearit also validates password length differently in several places. sometimes it must be 6+ chars, others 12+, others 0-500 chars

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So the text input i went with is just a 50x10 grid of chars that you can navigate around with the arrow keys and put text wherever you like.Entries are now capped at 500 chars, but it is a really interesting way of chucking text onto a screen.

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@nolan other items on my personal wishlist?* a settings switch to allow user to override the "500 char max" limit on post length. My main instance allows 65 K, but has a config problem at their end, and I can only use 500 chars. Impossible for me, verbal that I am. So I am forced into web client, much less cool than Pinafore.* #WriteDown is supported in GlitchSoc, and looks so pretty. It works at HT, and does not pollute normal instances. (shows plain text). Could you support it? Please...

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*banned 4 MarkDown love* Rob G


* Long Post on an important Subject -- the 500 Chars Toot limit is dismal *In response to : https://mastodon.social/@joaopinheiro/104342739576195191..but posted at the top level here for Exposure -- this needs to be discussed at Large. RG.-----[ reply to an ongoing topic follows ][email protected] As Niklas has mentioned, it's Eugen's idea - and since he rules the Mastodon development with a strong hand, it is difficult to change.The whole Glitch-Social project was born from people who used to be in the main development channel, and got tired of obstruction, to the point of leaving and starting their own project, forking from it (basing their work on another project, but adding, changing as they see fit).There is NO technical restriction at all -- Qoto allows 65 thousand characters max, and any sized post will be processed fine by all the instances, it's built right in; it has to, so not to break other people's posts if they are large.So why does he oppose and actively obstructs the proposals to make it easier to change the limit ?For "design" reasons. He likes a steady stream of short little posts, flowing in his TweetDeck favourite view.Eugen was a Twitter user for many years, and like other Fediverse people with the same pedigree, grew accustomed to the brutal 144 characters limit that Twitter had at first (when it was created, there was no Data service for phones, not smart phones. People created tweets and they were sent over SMS, with the 144 chars limit that Text messages still have).I have written extensively about it. And asked mastodon admins to please consider increasing. Been turned down in most of those requests.One of the reasons is the amount of work needed to find and edit the Max Toot Size variable -- it is NOT stored in a single file, a configuration file as it should be (and as it IS, on glitch-social).Eugen buried the limit in various source files, you need to find and edit them ALL to make a change. Then, next time an update comes out, do it all over again. Busy people refused me based on this continuous maintenance requirement, and I can understand it.A developer name LambadaLambda came to the main Mastodon development site, and posted a Pull Request -- code he created, and which would change the main version so the Max Toot Length would be in ONE location only.Working code, ready for use. The developer in this case is the head of the Pleroma project.Eugen responded, denying it. Explained his reasons, and closed the PR.I have snapshots of those, and am including them here. A real event, and this was back in 2018 or so. Nothing has changed in the mean time, other than more of us despairing of Mastodon's slow advance and going elsewhere.Glitch-Social is a bright place to be, and where I am now moving all my personal Publishing.For reference, see also : https://qoto.org/@design_RG/103461213224735815Attachments : two snapshots of mentioned Pull Request topic at mastodon's [email protected] @rgx #rgxJournal #Mastodon #UI #UX #Discussions #Writers #QotoJournal

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#Introductions #newusersGood morning everyone, thank you for accepting my join application to this instance.I am an active user of the #Fediverse facilities, a Staff member and vocal poster at Qoto.org, and now exploring yet another new place.Joined here to be closer to the source of my favourite, awesome Write.Freely platform. Thank you @matt for it and the Forums, and now the instance I join.1 / 2 [... argh 500 chars sucks..]

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Ade Malsasa Akbar


I myself love the 1st option "writing 500 chars". It allows me to write more enough to share my UbuntuBuzz articles. You can share your opinions here too, please. Thanks!

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💙Charles ☭ Hutchins❤


And, indeed, any acronym runs the risk of mashing extremely different groups into some sort of mass of otherness.We've all got at least 500 chars here and just say what we mean instead of relying on acronyms that gloss over the differences between struggles and imply a homogeneity that does not exist.

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